Strategy and Planning: Our Knowledge At Your Service

Without a doubt, your idea can change the world, but you know how? Wedo

Mrwedo Digital Marketing agency offer you our help not only to design and develop your idea, but also to build efficient and sustainable online businesses.

We have worked with all types of companies on different ideas (each project, whether large or small, requires the same process) to clearly understand the needs of the business and new technologies, establish a sustainable strategy and offer skills and knowledge to create a product effective.

We combine best practices and vast experience with experience and analysis to help you produce an effective strategy for your business and realize your vision.

What distinguishes us from other companies is our work approach: we provide digital and operational support in each project we work on to help our clients understand the technological and commercial landscape.

How can MrWedo help you?

With everything we know about markets, web and mobile development, start-ups, digital services, marketing and advertising, and business processes, we will implement and combine your initial concepts to create a sustainable online business.

Do you have an activity plan? What is your business model? Do you have a prototype? Have you researched the market? Do you know your customers? What is the source of your income? Do you need partners or investors?

Even if you have too many questions and very few answers, we will present the right and quality resources, skills and knowledge at the right time throughout the project.

What are you doing?

Our task is to help you explore new opportunities and make use of existing ones. We will work with you to identify opportunities for your business.

Our planning strategies and services provide digital guidance for your business to develop the best strategies for your market and maximize your business valuation.

How can MrWedo help my business?

We will help you create your company’s blueprint that aligns strategic goals and tactical requirements and helps you conceptualize your ideas. We do this through several phases:

1.Research and Analysis Phase

At the Research and Analysis stage, we will go through your business model or help you make it.

We evaluate your business plan and help you better understand your business and market demands, identify unique requirements and various technical options. If you need a business plan, we will work together on a systematic process to determine your business goals and objectives and steps on how to achieve them.

2.Conceptualization Phase

After we analyze your business goals and objectives and establish a business strategy, we enter the Conceptualization Phase, where we can provide a detailed architecture of information that outlines all functions and journeys of users.

We start with your project goals and move on to the details needed for project implementation (business requirements and implications, project structure, functional descriptions and technical details, audience description and use, content management plans, and others). In this phase, we ensure that your project is set for success by focusing on two important things – your business needs and the needs of your users.

We collect all the necessary information into  a sitemap, prototype, or picture frame that best suits your commercial aspirations, the needs of your customers and your business.

By testing prototypes and wireframes, we get the best products and feedback needed early in the process. A well-planned information architecture ensures a customer-focused experience and has a direct impact on the construction and maintenance of your product.

3.Ultimate Phase

The Ultimate Phase is where we collect feedback, discuss joint strategies, and resolve them. We will work with you to ensure a clear vision of your product and the best results that meet the company’s strategic vision. In addition, we are dedicated to helping you build an effective online business; as such, our services include supporting you through the transformation process by tracking the implementation of strategies and managing organizational transformation efficiently. We also offer our assistance by:

  • Promotion and marketing – We collaborate with our clients and provide assistance with marketing and advertising opportunities.
  • Technical capacity – We can guide you through developing your organization’s ability to ensure you have the right technical infrastructure. We will also help you form partnerships with major technology vendors.

Business opportunities – We partner with you to help you identify new business opportunities, new sources of income, trends, and the nature of the industry.

Growth support – Whether you need partners or investors, we will help you form relationships and partnerships to better position your product or service on the market.

You can come to us with an idea – we will ask you the right questions.

Request a quote, and we can start making great products together.

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