Website Analytics

Website Analytics tracking is the key of digital marketing success.

MrWedo area the experts in web Analytics Consulting Services.

From clicking to close, your traffic gives you opportunities to track, model and predict your customer behavior.

Most of the time, the information provided by the site analysis determines whether a digital marketing campaign is a winner or a waste of money.

Discover What's Really Happening on your Site

Marketing By the Numbers

Do not guess. There is a great deal of business intelligence, but sometimes it is difficult to know what to look for and. Once found, how to make sense of everything.  MrWedo’s data and analysis team helps gather all this raw data and tell the story of a brand’s digital performance.

We use the complete set of Google Analytics tools. Auditing and implementing measurement programs for our client’s digital projects at an expert level.

Depending on the specific needs of the client. We also provide custom:

  • campaign labels,
  • dimensions
  • metrics,
  • segments
  •  panels
  • reports.

Website Analytics MrWedo Methodology

Website Analytics

Key Metrics

You know better than anyone. Whose report will help you stay on track to achieve your goals. With Key Metrics, you determine what needs to be measured, so reporting is always connected to your specific goals.

  • Define your own key metrics and KPIs
  • Find out if you are on track or not
  • Tie the performance of the website with overall goals and prove ROI

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Arrange the ideal path for visitors to follow the conversion. Then track their behavior to find out where they are going to get lost. Find out which pages are causing them to lose interest. In addition correct your site to direct them to the right destination.

  • Track the entire conversion process on your site
  • Remove roadblocks to conversion
  • Identify your most valuable visitors and which path they take

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website analytics
website analytics

Behavior Map

Stacks of data can be very difficult to interpret. Specifically, even more difficult to explain to others. Based on:

  • Click coordinates
  • Scroll patterns,
  • Behavior Maps provides a real representation of the actions visitors take on your website.
  • Visually track how visitors interact with your website
  • Implement data-based design
  • Target different groups of visitors based on behavioral trends

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Looking for a smarter way to build UTM links. Manage campaigns and monitor their performance?

Compared to traditional solutions that only track data, MrWedo Web Analytics helps you plan, organize, and analyze all your initiatives from start to finish.

With Campaigns, you can easily:

  • Learn what drives traffic and conversions
  • Stay on top of the campaign plan and performance
  • Avoid cluttered spreadsheets and reporting errors

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Website Analytics
Website Analytics


The best way to learn about the user experience on your site is from the users themselves. We can use surveys on the page to learn about navigation challenges.

Based on that gather ideas for improvement, and enhance visitor experience with direct insights from the source.

  • Analyze survey comments and responses easily with an intuitive display of visual data
  • Gather new ideas and perspectives from users without disrupting their experience
  • Start the survey immediately by preparing a turnkey

User Journeys

When content and design work together seamlessly, big things happen. Get a better understanding of how your visitors navigate from point A to point B, allowing you to make decisions based on data on the layout of your site.

  • Optimize the site structure based on how visitors navigate between the main pages
  • Root content and design in the data to make logical paths to important pages
  • Verify that visitors navigate your site the way you want
Website Analytics

MrWedo Provide Comprehensive Web Analytics Services Including



Conversion Tracking

Conversion Optimization

Detailed Reporting




Ongoing Management

Heat Maps

Visitor Recordings

Social Analytics

In Resume How Mrwedo do it


Business is only as good as the accuracy of the data. We will tag key data for tracking, set up internal filters, enable e-commerce tracking, and ensure all campaign data is accurately recorded so that you reach your conversion goals.


Relationships with outside consultants serve as valuable resources at each critical intersection. We set you up for success by helping you focus on the right questions to guide your business plan and find the most effective answers.


Capturing conversion information is not enough to compete. We sift through huge amounts of data to find the most prominent pieces of information and summarize actionable solutions for your biggest marketing difficulties.


We train companies in all aspects of data extrapolation, interpretation, and implementation. Our Google Analytics experts have years of experience training students from beginner to advanced levels.

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