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Why Do You Need Video Marketing In Your Digital Strategy?


Mrwedo VIDEO Marketing Areas

Video strategy

What’s the best way to use video?

Before you start producing videos, you should know what kind of videos and how to optimize and distribute them.

Video production

We produce all types of video.

What is the purpose of your video? We produce the right video to reach that goal. Animated video, live action video, 360 ° or VR video, drone video and much more.

Video marketing

Optimizing video distribution.

We ensure that your videos get the best possible result by using appropriate video players, platforms and technology.

Video advertising

Reach your target audience.

We reach the right audience at the right time in the right place. We launch, manage and optimize video ad campaigns on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.

Video Marketing ROI

Video is the ideal format for content consumption. That’s why 87% of marketers incorporate videos into their content strategies.

At MrWedo, we use video at every stage of the sales funnel because this is the most efficient and effective way to deliver messages, illustrate complex ideas and persuade stakeholders.

Justifying video investment is easy:

Sellers who use videos increase revenue 49% faster than those who don't.

Video increases search traffic 157% engines.

Landing pages with videos increase conversions by 80%.

Videos in emails increase CTR between 200 and 300%.

Users spend 88% more time on websites with video.

73% of B2B sellers report a positive video ROI.

Put video marketing to work for you

Video Marketing as a Strategy

Video marketing is an imperative in a world driven by search engines. Videos that attract viewers, keep them on the page and request that social networks share a higher rank.

And each video that it produces increases the amount of indexable web pages in the search engines, which allows a greater search presence and gives a visual and compelling face to its content.

Video resources confer a number of benefits, including:

Brand Awareness

Media rich content makes you visible and heard.

Social Engagement

Followers and subscribers are more likely to share strong videos.

Brand Trust

Your brand can build trust and loyalty with a human touch from video.

Organic Rating

Videos embedded in your content will help outperform competitor pages.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile-optimized videos make your device agnostic.


Video content is a way for your brand to reach prospects, qualify potential customers, and convert buyers.

Video marketing makes the difference in each vertical. Be it B2B or B2C, the point is the same: Viewers are consumers, and videos are designed to be consumed without asking for too much of your audience.

That means you will connect with customers like never before, with their requirements and in their chosen format.

Even small businesses can make a big impact

The fact that it does not have an internal video team does not mean that it cannot do video marketing well. Our customers take advantage of MrWedo profitable and world-class video production and marketing capabilities so you can create great looking videos and stay on budget.

interested in developing video content that increases user engagement and drives revenue for your marketing and sales teams?

Schedule a fee 30-minute revenue strategy session with our award-winning team to get started incorporating video marketing into your digital strategy.