Retargeting Ad Marketing

Get a second chance to make the sale.

About 98% of all web users did not convert on their first visit. Online shoppers are becoming increasingly careful about their online expenses. With so much competition in online sales, it is very important for online stores to try to get a second chance. We can give you a unique edge over your competitors by targeting them and bringing them to your brand once again. Our retargeting campaign aims to track every visitor to your website, add it to an audience, and follow them with branded advertisements across the web, ultimately pushing them back.

How to Retarget Your Visitors and Drive Visitors Back to your Website?

See video below Where we explain what Retargeting or Remarketing is and How you  can leverage it.


mrwedo advantages

why mrwedo?

Drive Incremental Profit

We focus our efforts on boosting the growth of the channel through the profitable expansion of unbranded keywords, audience segmentation and optimization of offers.

Profit & Loss Accountability

We assume full responsibility and report on the gains and losses of each channel we manage.

Flexible KPIs

If your goal is to maximize profits, acquiring new customers, we can adapt our efforts to meet your goals. We adapt our approach to real-world business goals.


We approach remarketing with a central focus on boosting incremental value beyond other channels. Instead of cannibalizing sales of unbranded channels, we optimize sales that otherwise would not have occurred.

  • Audience Targeting
  • Contextual Targeting
  • Managed Placements
  • Device Optimization
  • Rigorous Copy Testing
Retargeting display

Our Comprehensive Approach to Retargeting Campaigns

We help you get a second chance to win potential customers.


Channel Focused

We choose the right channels to make sure you reach your potential customers as they browse the web.

Audience Retention

Your audience will build up over time, which leads to organic developments in sales and repeat visits.

Ad Copy Optimization

Time is spent analyzing the performance of each ad and determining how to change it to make it more attractive.

Competitive Analysis

Your competition is thoroughly analyzed to understand how they are tracking and how they target their users online.

Cost Efficiency

Advertising costs are analyzed throughout your campaign to find ways to achieve the same results with a smaller budget.

Custom Reports

Reports are created with your specific audience in mind, providing you with information about performance, as well as observations about your audience.

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