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Adjusted to interact with the buisiness customers in every stage of sales funnel, MrWedo delivers a fully automatic sales cycle that allows you to identify and communicate with customer one-one potencial like nothing

How to Email Marketing improve your ROI?

Our Strategy


Collecting email information can be difficult. MrWedo has a number of contact creation techniques to request contact information from your user base.


It’s important to build and nurture relationships with your clients time-consuming but very useful. Creating a marketing funnel it’s the success key.


Out of curiosity and encouragement for success, we use all the reporting tools we have to review how many are read, how long they browse emails, follow up on A / B testing and, most importantly, conversions.

Why Do Businesses Need an Email Marketing Strategy?

Email Marketing is direct contact with potential or existing clients, which is your chance to tell them about your product or service and offer them incentives to buy.

The advantage of Email Marketing is that if someone has given you their email, you have already won half of the battle! You already have an audience who is willing and willing to expect to hear from you.

Another big advantage is that email marketing is famous for having a much higher Return on Investment (ROI).

Now, you only need to communicate in the right way and avoid spam.

E-mail Marketing

What is important about an effective Email Marketing strategy?

  1. Plan how you will get these emails.
  2. Set up an effective system that includes storing emails in any database system you use and email verification.
  3. Write a “subject” that attracts people to actually open it.
  4. Consistency
  5. Valuable content If the only thing you do is market your product, you might lose it. There must be a balance.
  6. Offer exclusive incentives and discounts to those on your email list. Make it feasible, monetary.

Email marketing with Marketing Automation is the best marketing strategy for not only brand awareness, re-engagement, and retention but also increasing sales conversions and ROI.

Research and insights

Lead generation

CRM integration

List segmentation

Content development

Email design

Spam testing

CAN-SPAM compliance audit

Sending campaigns

Tracking and Marketing Automation

Retargeting – email and PPC ads

Measurement and Optimization


E-mail Marketing

Personalize your message to your audience. It’s amazing that more than 70% of businesses ignore the use of personalization in their email marketing communication efforts with their databases. However, don’t worry, we keep you protected and we all want to be personal with our clients and such attention will go into your email marketing efforts.

Don’t forget how important segmentation is when trying to maximize email marketing as a strategy in your company’s tool pocket. Behavioral segmentation means that when your e-mail reader takes action such as clicking on the link that you provided in the e-mail, they are then entered into a particular funnel so that the order of e-mails needed or subsequent correspondence is taken to increase the likelihood of sales, or referrals.

Email Marketing Automation That Saves You Time & Money

Email marketing is a proven marketing strategy that makes it easier for companies to interact with their customers and grow. However, creating an email marketing campaign that generates results is the job that a specialized team does best.

At MrWedo have email marketing specialists handle the process from segmentation to shipment, helping to generate the best return on investment in the shortest possible time.

Get in touch to find out how MrWedo can help you.

E-mail Marketing