Reporting is an important part of an SEO campaign because doing it regularly basically tells you how the campaign is performing and what changes need to be made to improve it. There are many SEO metrics to review and report, but for whatever reason we find that what makes some site owners obsessed is ranking. They understand that they need to rank in a certain range for a set of keywords, and if not, they worry that the campaign is not functioning.

Although ranking is certainly an SEO metric for review and reporting, it is not an “all, end all” SEO metric. That’s because it’s not the most accurate way to measure the success of an SEO campaign. Here are 3 reasons why it’s time to stop obsessing about website rankings:


As a website owner, you have complete control of your own website and SEO activities that you do. You can do everything right: optimize your website properly, make sure the site is user friendly, publish great content on a regular basis, pursue opportunities to create links, and promote your brand and content on social media. Yes, search engines must respect this activity. But there is more to it and everything beyond your control, including what your online competitors are doing and any changes made to search engine algorithms. Because web content changes every second of every day, the ranking is very rarely permanent.


Yes, a prominent ranking for keywords must correlate with more clicks and viwes, but that doesn’t always happen. That depends on what the search term is and whether it matches the intent or not of the seeker. Maybe you rank in the top 5 for what looks like an important keyword, but the search volume for that is low or it’s not a transactional keyword that will drive sales. It might be nice to say that you have a clear ranking, but does that help the point?


Two people who search for the exact same term on the same search engine may see a different set of results. Personalized searches based on previous search history, location, and the device they are looking for. Search engines try to give the best results to everyone based on their unique behavior.

As you can see, SEO is more than just ranking. Of course, that doesn’t mean ranking is not important at all. We are stupid to say that. That is why it is still being reviewed and reported, but only in the interest of the best website owners not to become obsessed with it. If they do, they only set themselves up to be frustrated.

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