PPC campaigns - Events company


Our client are national event companies that specialize in certain target sectors. They approach us to help them direct more direction in general and specific to their location and specific products through PPC. The competitive nature of their industry means they often struggle to achieve profitable CPAs but their position as leaders in their field means they want to be better represented in their paid visibility.

PPC campaigns - Events company


Our clients work in highly competitive fields and an increasingly busy market means we have to work smartly to outperform their competitors. Our goals are:

  • Reduce costs per acquisition between prospects (CPA) to a profitable level
  • Increase their visibility throughout the campaign regardless of stricter PPC budgets

The strategy


Restructuring campaigns to more effectively handle location-based requests so that we can implement priority-based budgets.

PPC campaigns - Events company


  1. Analysis of in-depth search queries, based on phrase length and conversion ratio, to find patterns in various campaign groups
  2. The introduction of a new granular campaign structure that includes several cities and categories in the UK
  3. The ad group was moved between HIGH / LOW general campaigns based on conversion ratios over the past 3 months to improve BPA & bid efficiency
  4. Review bid adjustment targeting based on the time of day and day of the week, to ensure the ad is displayed at the optimal position on the search results page at high conversion time
  5. Restructuring campaigns continuously based on performance and conversion rates