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  • Increase organic visibility for targeted queries and keywords
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  • Ensure all SEO best practices are being implemented
  • Install comprehensive, advanced Google Analytics tracking for accuracy
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MrWedo – Full-Service Porto Digital Marketing Agency got to work on the Infer website by conducting a full scope SEO and content marketing audit. We took a look at onsite and offsite items such as:

  • Title and meta tags
  • Schema implementations
  • Website technical issues
  • Keyword usage
  • Backlinks
  • Local SEO
  • Website architecture
  • Accessibility
  • Landing page / content reviews

And more. This also included an extensive Google Analytics audit where we verified the implementation and reliability of the data that Infer was collecting. MrWedo: The full service Porto Digital Marketing Agency also took a look at all the events and followed up on objectives that had been implemented to ensure that the data collected was correct and up to date.

Then we provide numerous recommendations to remedy the problems we encounter and the best way to implement those resource-based recommendations such as impact, time and ease, with the Infer development team. From there, we began monitoring the overall performance and rankings of the website to see which areas of the website saw the greatest improvement in our recommendations and which areas of the site would need an adjustment in strategy.

When we deal with all these fundamental elements, we take advantage of the heat and click mapping software, as well as user videos, to better track how users used the website. This provided us with a great deal of information about the obstacles that users encountered on the website, such as not being able to find calls to action, confusion in website navigation, as well as frustrations with forms and buttons. Our in-house experts provided recommendations on how Infer could best optimize conversions and reduce bounce rates based on the information and data collected..