Ecommerce fashion increase CRO


Our client are national Ecommerce fashion. They are an online ecommerce premium fashion store competing with online stores like ASOS.

They enlisted the help of Impression to help them take on much larger competitors and to broaden their reach amongst an audience typically comprised of female purchasers in the 20-35 age range, across the Portugal, United Kingdom and EUA

The challenge

Our clients already have an established website, but the highly competitive fast fashion industry means they are struggling to compete with big brands like ASOS.

Therefore the main challenge is to achieve substantial growth. Our clients are happy with the ROI from their previous agency but the agency cannot grow the account any further.

The initial audit quickly identified that stagnation in growth was caused by the extent of targeting. More specifically, targeting is not sufficiently granular to allow budgets and bids to be allocated in the most efficient way. In a competitive industry such as fast-mode, advertisers must consistently be at the forefront of their game, so we know we must be innovative to achieve aggressive growth.

Although Google Shopping is arguably the most important part of this campaign, all channels provide the best shopping experience for users. Our strategy is complemented mainly by SEO and Paid Social

The strategy

The success and growth of our Clients from Impression  mostly come from Shopping campaigns. We divide our Shopping strategy into three key elements listed below.

Contextual feed optimization.

Feed optimization is an important component of any Shopping campaign, but we divide it into 3 different considerations.

a) Feed optimization for Google

Feed optimization for Google, for the most part, is easy. Merchant’s must ensure they cover all the necessary and recommended attributes, and send their data in the most efficient way. This is the most common feed optimization area.

b) Feed optimization for the User

A little more complex is optimizing feed for users. For our clients, analyze competitors, review search queries, and analyze searches on the spot, all help in building product titles and descriptions that best answer user requests. Most importantly, testing the title and new feed attributes itis very important to ensure success.

c) Feed optimization to meet business goals

This is where the idea of contextual feeds’ comes in. This involves using external data to help in the structure of campaigns and bidding decisions. For example, a business already has a variety of other data (best sellers, offline data, margins, size coverage, stock levels, etc.), and this can be added as an additional attribute in a Shopping campaign, to enable the decision to offer more complete information.

The results

Since working with MrWedo, our client has seen:


increase in lead volume


reduction in cost per year


return on advertising spend (ROAS)


return on advertising spend on UK campaigns