Comercialtec came to MrWedo – Full-Service Porto Digital Marketing Agency to help them increase the organic search visibility of the website. They also wanted to increase the number of online leads captured through the website. MrWedo implemented A/B testing to make updates to the website that would increase the conversion rate on the site. MrWedo – Full-Service Porto Digital Marketing Agency also created a new content strategy by creating geo-targeted content pages for their service area, engaging blog content, and a monthly newsletter. From this effort, monthly visitors from organic search are at an all-time high, contact form submissions have increased drastically, as have clicks-to-call from users on mobile devices.


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Website Development Comercialtec

The functionality of an eCommerce website can make or break conversions and affect the bottom line. Comercialtec outdated website wasn’t helping. The look and feel was outdated, it wasn’t optimized for search, the content didn’t tout the product’s key benefits and the shopping process was difficult for customers to follow.

Executing the strategy

MrWedo – Full-Service Porto Digital Marketing Agency helped Comercialtec reach more customers online, generate brand loyalty and convert shoppers to buyers. The team of digital marketing experts:

Created and implemented a functional, highly engaging eCommerce website that drives conversations quickly, easily and efficiently.

Selected the eCommerce solution that makes the most sense for Comercialtec business needs.

Wrote compelling copy that highlights key benefits, engages with shoppers and is optimized for search.

Conducted an SEO audit, competitive review and keyword research to build a cohesive SEO plan that ensures shoppers find Ready Seal online.

Made sure the website was “responsive” so all onsite content, images, and functionalities fit properly on the type of device the customer is using: computer, laptop, tablet or mobile.


Social proof is an important influence on most of the decisions we make every day, whether we realize it or not, and its importance becomes even more evident when making important decisions such as changing all printing devices.

As a result, references remain as important as ever: the difference is that, like most things, they are now done digitally.

To create the largest possible digital reference footprint for Comercialtec, Mrwedo helped automate the processes of generating company review and dissemination of customer satisfaction. Our team targeted both generic review platforms, such as Yelp and Google, and industry-specific platforms.

As the company’s favorable reviews accumulated, Comercialtec saw a corresponding 35% increase in closing rates, further improving the ROI of its marketing campaign.