How Email Automation Fits into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Email automation is an organic way to nurture your leads and increase touch points.

Email automated sequences, or “drip campaigns”, are sequences of pre-­made emails that are sent to specific people on your email list.

Effective email sequences warm up your leads and move them closer to purchasing your products.

See the picture for an example of an email sequence.

Notice that the first email isn’t sales offer.

As you can see in the example, it starts off by adding value with a blog. Once the value of the blog is consumed and the lead is excited, you can send another email with a case study. This time the case study is about your products.

Now the lead understands the value of being healthy, and how someone became healthy through your products. The last email is where you ask for their business, incentivizing them with a limited-­time offer.

How to Build Your Email Automation Campaign

Step 1) Select an email automation software. We recommend using  our service to do these professional job. May seems simples but sometimes isn’t, choose one of email marketing providers likes mailchimp, or e-goi

Step 2) Configure your email sequence. How many emails should you send? How long should the delay be between your emails?

The answers will depend based on your sales cycle. If you have a short sales cycle, you should not need as many emails to convert new sales. If you have a long sales cycle, you will need more emails, and perhaps more delay in between emails.

For example, one of our B2B clients has a 1 year sales cycle. He has over 100 emails in his sequence that he sends over a 12-­month timespan. What will work best for your business?

Step 3) Determine what your emails will be about. In general, your goal should be to add value to your subscribers. If your emails do not expedite your subscriber’s stage in your sales cycle, do not send it. In order to do this, you need to understand your customer avatar and produce emails that relate to both, customer goals and how your product helps accomplish them.

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